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  • Alliance Healthcare
  • Baltic Pharmaceuticals...

    All of our Baltic stock is now the new X5 amp boxes (please ignore the old X3 amp pictures)

  • Cambridge Research Oils

    Due to recent independant lab testing results, we have chosen to stop stocking Cambridge Research and replace it with a far better and highly proven lab. Over the many years that ROHM have been in production it has proven it worth time and time again.

  • Genesis Meds Oils
  • Med-Tech Solutions...
  • Neuro Pharma Oils

    All vials are 10ml and rated very highly on UK Bodybuilding & Muscle forums.

  • Olympia Anabolics Oils
  • Pharmacom Labs Oils

    The only reason we are not selling Pharmacom is because of the availability of this lab into Europe and the UK. No other online sources have Pharmacom and if they do it is either OLD stock or COUNTERFEIT!!!

  • Primus Ray...
  • ROHM Oils

    Genuine ROHM Labs, not a counterfeit copy or fake, please be assured all of our labs come direct from manufacturer or a highly trusted source.

    ROHM will be replacing Cambridge Reseach.

  • SIS Laboratories Oils

    SIS steroid range has been added to in replacement of Infiniti Laboratories.

  • Sphinx Lab Oils
  • Wildcat Oils

    Please note Wildcat products will take an extra two days to arrive.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 85 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 85 items